FBS is for the Members, by the Members and of the Members, a mutually beneficial, compassionate and benevolent scheme, with Hyderabad as its Headquarters.

“Family Benefit Scheme” of Central Indian Academy of Pediatrics is to provide financial help to the families of the members of FBS in case of death of a member.

The mission is to care and share with transparency and sincerity.

About Us

Family Benefit Society Indian Academy of Pediatrics

Indian Academy of Pediatrics It is a group of IAP members from All over India (about 2546 members), Non profitable service oriented and Benefits the Family members of Deceased IAP member financially.
The members pay the corpus joining fees at the time of registration and contribute Rs.450/- per death of one person annually. This will be provided to the Family of deceased person.

Country of Operation - India


Business Type - Non profitable service oriented

Industry Type - Death Benefit Fund

Contact Number - 8978311651

Country of Operation - India

Work email address - fbs.iap@gmail.com

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